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IO, the public services App

With IO public bodies can send you communications, provide updates, remind you of deadlines, or request payments for specific services, all of which you can resolve with a simple click.

You can access IO by identifying yourself with SPID or an electronic identity card.

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Secure access with SPID

To start using IO you need to register with your SPID credentials, or alternatively with your electronic identity card (CIE). After the initial registration you can access easily by entering your selected PIN or by biometric identification (fingerprint of facial recognition).

To ensure your security, IO requests you to login again with SPID or CIE every 30 days, regardless of the last time you opened the App.

This makes IO a secure channel: identification by the App using a strong digital identity (SPID or CIE) guarantees your identity clearly and unequivocally to the public bodies providing the services you are interested in. Furthermore, the PIN and biometric data you use for accessing the App are stored in encrypted form only in your telephone.

Get your SPID LepidaID credentials

National and local services on IO

You can do a lot of things with IO

  • Deadlines: identity card, ZTL Pass, applications for enrolment in nursery schools, etc.
  • Payments: refuse tax, fines, school fees, etc.
  • Notifications: public safety alerts, entry into limited traffic zone, new documentation available, etc.
  • Documents (incoming): certifications, receipts, administrative procedures, etc.
  • List of all national bodies who have joined IO, with details of the respective services already available to citizens (constantly growing in number)
  • List of services that each individual council has already made available on IO (constantly growing in number)

Activate or deactivate services as you prefer

Thanks to IO you no longer have to register on every Public Administration website and instead the App brings the services directly onto your telephone.

If a service has something important to tell you and already knows your tax code, it can send you a message in the App.

You can choose how to receive communications at any time in the Profile > Preferences section, or by accessing the details section for each service.

Make payments to the PA in a few seconds

With IO you can quickly and securely manage payments to all Public Administration bodies, thanks to the pagoPA platform integrated into the App.

In the “wallet” section you can enable your preferred payment methods in IO (credit card, debit card, PayPal, Satispay, etc.) and use them whenever you like. The transaction log remains available in the App, always on hand.

Pay with a simple scan

With IO you can pay any printed bill issued within the pagoPA circuit simply by framing the QR code on the bill or manually entering the payment code (IUV) associated with the bill.

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