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The single definitive identity for accessing Public Administration services

Easy and secure, you can use SPID from any device, there will always be an “Enter with SPID” button.



Medical appointments, school enrolments, company procedures: all under a single password


Service access is protected with security checks. Your data is not profiled and your privacy is guaranteed


Quickly access online Public Administration services wherever you are and from any device

Who it is for

All citizens and companies.
SPID can be activated by all over-18s in possession of a valid Italian identity document and a national health card or tax code card.

All the details

SPID for professional use

It is also possible to activate a SPID identity for professional use.

A professional use SPID can communicate the data of both the natural person and legal person (for example, VAT number, type of company, etc.) and can be requested for accessing dedicated professional services.

Find out how to activate a professional use SPID identity

How to get a SPID

Under the guidance of Emilia-Romagna Region and the bodies belonging to the CNER, Lepida has become digital identity manager.

LepidaID is the service provided by Lepida for the issue and management of SPID digital identities.

Request your SPID credentials at or choose from among the authorized identity providers and register on their websites. Free and paid modes are available, with the digital identity issue times depending on the individual providers.

Where you can use SPID

SPID credentials can be used to access all online Public Administration services that include an "Enter with SPID" button.

Since 1st October 2021 it is only possible to access these services using SPID, CNS, or CIE, with all other credentials being annulled.

LepidaID identification modes

Register online, choose the identification mode you prefer from among those available, and obtain your free digital identity.

  • Digital signature: if you have a valid digital signature, you can use it to sign Lepida's application form and then upload it to the system together with the required identity documents.
  • Smartcard: if you have a national health and services card (TS-CNS), CNS, or equivalent card you can use these for identification.
  • Audio/video recording + symbolic bank transfer: if you have a smartphone, tablet, or PC you can choose the identification mode of audio/video recording + symbolic bank transfer, without having to go to an office and without being contacted by an operator. You can make your identification video yourself.
  • With CIE 3.0: if you have a CIE 3.0, you can use it for identification. The system will connect you to the ministry website where you can choose whether to proceed to download the APP Cie ID to your smartphone, or use a compatible contactless smartcard reader, making sure that the CIE software is installed and configured.
  • In person (face to face) at one of the offices in the local region.

List of offices in the local region

Map of offices in the local region

Remote identification is also available (by webcam - against payment of €15.00 + VAT): if you have a smartphone, tablet, or PC you can request remote identification with an operator without having to visit an office.

How to access quickly with LepidaID

If you have LepidaID credentials, download the App to access online services more quickly. Scan the QR code on service access pages and enter without typing in your credentials, generate a one-time password (OTP), or authorize your access by requesting a push notification. This method is much quicker method than the traditional SMS.

Learn how to install and use the App

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